3G on the Pay-as-you-Go Talk Mobile SIM using a Nexus One

Firstly, the reason I am posting this in such great detail is that I really hope people like me who were searching for this over and over get the information easily!

I am in the UK as part of my band, The Raghu Dixit Project‘s UK Tour and when here, I got myself a local SIM. After consulting with various people, I went for the ‘Talk Mobile’ Pay as you Go SIM that was offered by the ‘Carphone Warehouse’ which gave me the best combination of unlimited (restricted to 25MB a day) Internet and International calling (10p a minute to India).

The settings that came with the SIM directly to my phone were all wrong and I just couldn’t get 3G working at all! Infact, it got worse because the “technical team” (that solves any tech issue one has with products bought from Carphone Warehouse) had no idea what to do! and without using the Internet to search, I couldn’t tell how to activate Internet access on my phone! – A perfect Catch 22 situation.

After much snooping around, I found the settings hidden in the Talk Mobile UK site under phone settings – 3 pages in!

If you want to skip all that and just go ahead, here is what you need to do –

Head to your Nexus One’s settings, then click ‘Wireless & Networks“, then select ‘Mobile Networks‘ and then select ‘Access Point Names‘. There will, in all probability, be settings for the Vodafone network type that will certainly not work with a Nexus One.

Delete the access point and add a new access point with these details

Access Point Name – Talkmob PayG Int

APN Address – payg.talkmobile.co.uk

Thats it! you’re done! – Please refer to this page for details

Hope this helps someone!