A new year … a fresh start!

The last year held a lot of promise for me on multiple fronts and on most things it lived up to the expectations I had from it. Multiple items did not see closure either but the platform has been set to make this year the most rocking of all!

Like every year, I promise to keep this journal more active and in fact move to my main journal and keep the photoblog active and updated regularly! I really need to invest time in photography and not just let it go to waste like it is now .. Lets see … I shall put it on the list of things I have to do and then shuffle it around priority wise and hopefully some interesting things should happen on that front.

I slipped into this new year in the most blissful and peaceful manner! and if the popular opinion that the ‘you will do for the rest of the year, what you do when the new year dawns’, is anything to go by … I will have a lazy, well rested, sleepy year ahead with lots of lovin’ !! 😉  But knowing how things work out .. this year will be far from sit back and relax! but it will see a LOT of louvin’!!!

I survived the Bangalore traffic to make it to Ankita’s place where we were having our unique new year celebration! it was decided that we will make thin crust pizza and drink a lot of wine (and equivalent beverages) to herald the new year .. so Shilpa and I searched for some recipe’s and she went out and got everything that was needed for the pizzas while I went about meeting the liquid requirement.

By the time I arrived on the scene, most of the chopping was done and every little bit of space available had been taken up with the various ‘raw’ materials we were using for the pizza. The dough was mixed and yeast added for it to ‘rise’ to a sufficient level before we could go about making the pizza.

Since we din’t have an oven, it din’t leave us with much choice but to make pan fried pizza’s and obviously they were hand tossed! there was some wonderful music playing courtesy the lovely hostess Ankita and the wine was flowing from the makeshift ice bucket we put together and everyone seemed to be in high spirits and hopeful that the pizza’s would not disappoint. There was some impromptu dancing and nice conversation as the pizza was being cooked. My blocked nose meant that I could not smell the lovely smell that everyone else was vouching for so for me atleast, tasting was believing!

The Pizza’s finally arrived and they just beat all our expectations, they were the most amazing pizza’s we had ever tasted, at least, I had ever tasted in my life! Shilpa’s culinary skills now were beyond dispute and the first pizza had our jaws on the floor and stomachs rumbling for more! The customary fruit punch was prepared and it set us in the right mood for the rest of the evening 🙂 The original plan was to go party hopping, which Sheila did (and how?!?!) or to have a movie marathon session complete with pop corn and juice! which we never ended up doing because all of us were so full and tired and sleepy.

We polished every little bit of pizza that was left and then just wished each other a hurried Happy New Year and plonked ourselves into bed! I am not so much the party type anyway, and Shilpa was not in her party mood either (I guess it has something to do with the driving around and the crowd, the parties we like are with good friends that we know and in places which are not too crowded) so it was perfect for both of us and for Ankita! I somehow stayed up till midnight, wished a few people who called, and then went to sleep after watching ‘Brothers & Sisters‘ for some time.

All in all, it was a wonderful, short and sweet start to the new year which in many ways will be one of the BIGGEST years of my life! Three cheers of course to the lovely chef of the evening and the hostess! and thanks to Sheela for the lovely company 🙂  I couldn’t have asked for more! Here is to many more lovely new years together!