Allegro Fudge

A while back, I had asked all of you to suggest a name for the band I was playing with. A lot of interesting suggestions came up, but what stuck was “Allegro Fudge” which was suggested by none other than Derek Sivers himself! Infact, it was suggested as a spur of the moment thing and without even knowing what it was for! But it was unique and just stuck with the band! Thanks a ton Derek for that suggestion, who knows, someday ..!

So after about a year of meeting and putting song ideas together and getting things in place, we finally are ready to unleash ourselves on the whole wide world! or atleast our circle of friends.

We have always wanted to play our first show for our friends whom we personally invite and ask for their feedback after the show and while we planned to do it initially in Jason’s house, we thought of Opus and the Sunday brunch was just too perfect a chance to pass up 🙂

So tomorrow, we premiere a lot of the original material we have written (we’ve written enough for a full length album BTW) and a couple of covers we thought would be fun to do! and we’d love to have some feedback from the everyone who comes to the show about the band and the music and what you liked and more importantly, what you din’t like!

If you are in Bangalore, please do consider this a personal invitation to come to Opus at 2 PM and watch Allegro Fudge’s debut show and after that, please do take some time to send us mail, or just post a comment or even catch one of us and tell us what you think of it all!

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