• Yuki – As white as snow

    Yuki came into my life as a surprise, a surprise for my then girlfriend and now wife, Shilpa on her birthday. For someone who has never ever lived with a pet, it was a brand new experience, but in the hustle bustle of your day, when you look around to see her blue eyes staring […]

  • Moo

    I happened to be walking by near Wilson Garden last week and saw this cow eating lunch near a shop on the road side so I went on to try and take some photos of it looking into the camera and I ended up with this! Yes, the guys at the shop having a snack […]

  • Igor – The Dalmatian

    Igor must be the cutest Dalmation in the world. He knows when he is being photographed and he just poses beautifully. I took this photo after much adjusting of the camera because this was taken way past sunset! There was very little light and I had to make a lot of adjustments to not fire […]

  • The Bulldog

    This guy was at the Melrose Apartments in Delhi where I stayed for the weekend. He is really really old and has to be the cutest dog ever! He just comes and sits by you and has such a peaceful look that you just can’t help but smile and pet him!

  • The Puppy King!

    Shilpa has this eternal love for animals especially dogs, cows and pigs! When my friend Raj called us over to his house because his Labrador had just littered and there were 7 pups running wild in his house, we just had to go and check that out! This is a picture of Shilpa holding up […]

  • Edgar – The consul general’s guard

    Edgar is the Consul General’s trusted dog. He is 14 years old and can barely move now but he is the cutest dog I have seen on my trip yet! This is a special dedication to Shilpa who made me love animals so much! When I set up my house, I am certain I will […]

  • My Humps!

    While driving by today, I saw about 6 camels walking down Tumkur Road and I just had to stop and take pictures and I asked the caretakers about their story which I will write about soon! Basically, these guys have travelled by foot from Rajasthan to Bangalore and after walking for 2 months, have landed […]

  • Igor

    Igor is a super pet! he just loves being petted and he will come and throw himself at you! Also, his name is quite a debate … different people in Jason’s family call him differently! and he responds to all of them 🙂

  • The Cow

    This is a classic! the cow staring into the lens 🙂 .. I had painted a picture exactly like this some time back upon Shilpa’s request and when I saw this cow and the blue sky in the background … it fell perfectly into place!

  • Puppy Love

    Shilpa LOVES dogs and when we went to Jason’s place yesterday, it was total chaos! See Jason has about 5 dogs in his (farm?) house not to mention the goats and the ducks and the geese and the turkeys! So it is a picnic everytime we go there especially considering his house is bang in […]