• My Latest Tattoo

    After much procrastination, I got back to ‘The Dark Arts Tattoo Studio’ for completing the pending work on one tattoo I already had and then get a new one done. The new one has 2 things – the words, Yuuki – Meaning Courage and Yume – Meaning Dreams in the Kanji script. These are the […]

  • Grace

    Dance is all about the feet! That much I know from the little dancing I’ve tried 🙂 You can do all you want with your upper body, but if your feet ain’t movin’ you ain’t doing it right! At the dance performance at Kyra, I got close to the stage and this was the one […]

  • Sneha Kapoor

    I know of Sneha Kapoor from her twin Neha who I worked with as part of the Musical ‘All shook up’ and before that, 7 brides for 7 brothers with the CAUSE Foundation. Sneha, like her sister is a brilliant dancer and has infact, represented India at the World Salsa Congress etc. I got to […]

  • The Pose

    Sneha Kapoor is an excellent choreographer based in Bangalore who works with the Lourd Vijay dance academy and is a Salsa dancer of International repute. I saw Sneha and her partner perform this very piece at the Kannada TV awards a couple of months back when I was playing there with The Raghu Dixit Project. […]

  • Kathak Feet

    On a recent video shoot with Samira Kanwar and the crew from Sutasi, we landed up at a Kathak / Bharathnatyam dance recital in Malleshwaram’s Seva Sadan. This was a very nice Kathak recital that was in progress when we landed up and I managed to get right up to the front of the stage […]

  • Pritham on Lights

    Pritham handled lights for ‘Woyzeck’, the play I helped with last weekend. He did a fantastic job of it as you can see from some of the pictures. Woyzeck, as a play, depends a LOT on the sound and lights to create various effects that are needed for it. Some of the brilliantly lit scenes […]

  • Anish and Aashish

    Over last weekend, I helped out backstage with the TFA / Rafiki collaborative production, ‘Woyzeck’ directed by Anmol Vellani. It is there that I saw first hand how much preparation and work goes into putting up a theatre production! Its much much harder than a simple band going on stage and playing a show! Anish […]

  • Rangashankara

    Rangashankara has become like a Oasis in the desert of Bangalore for theatre lovers and infact I am sure it has enabled a lot of people to take up theatre professionally! What I like about Rangashankara apart from the brilliant facilities that it provides for theatre companies and the lovely space that it is, is […]

  • In Deep Thought?

    Those few moments before you go on stage are different for different people! there was a time I remember when I just started playing music, that I would get really nervous before a show and those last few minutes before the show started, I would be fully quiet and trying to run through all that […]

  • Yakshagana!

    After our show today, there was a Yakshagana performance and this was taken backstage where the Yakshagana artistes were getting ready to go up on stage. These guys take a LOT of trouble to get their makeup and costume perfectly right before their performance. Sometimes, it takes close to 3 hours for the whole group […]