• Yuki – As white as snow

    Yuki came into my life as a surprise, a surprise for my then girlfriend and now wife, Shilpa on her birthday. For someone who has never ever lived with a pet, it was a brand new experience, but in the hustle bustle of your day, when you look around to see her blue eyes staring […]

  • Oh Queen of Mine!

    The ultimate tribute to the Queen of my life! I thought this was a perfect tongue in cheek tribute and for those that haven’t noticed yet, that is Shilpa’s Royal look :p

  • Joy

    For a long time, Shilpa and I kept talking about going and seeing different parts of the world and saving up and travelling and this year we finally managed to actually make it happen! True, it was many other things that made it work this time round, but we have well learnt our lesson this […]

  • Ella and Mia

    Ella and Mia are the cutest kids in the world! I had the absolute pleasure of staying with them in their house in Birmingham! They are so full of life and energy and there is not one single dull moment in their day – every day! I do hope they stay the same and all […]

  • I cast my vote, have you?

    My Grandmom is a LONG time voter and this time she was the most enthusiastic among all of us to go cast her vote! So she woke early this morning, got dressed and got all of us to go out and vote! I fully love her enthusiasm in this and her die hard support for […]

  • Anniversary!

    Shilpa and I celebrated 5 years together this month and this was taken on our anniversary! Infact, I wanted to see if we could do some home made studio style lighting with emergency lamps and co-incidentally, there was a massive power cut that evening!

  • My Dad – The Journalist

    My dad retires next month! he as been a journalist for over 30 years now and has worked with almost all the mainstream newspapers in Bangalore across 3 different languages! I know it is going to be very difficult for him (and for anyone really) to one day stop doing what they were doing for […]

  • My Mommy Strongest

    My Mom is where I get most of what I do today from! She is undoubtedly the biggest rockstar of them all. I just can’t believe how she can handle all that she does and where she gets the energy from to do it all every day! I remember very recently how my mom (who […]

  • Tomo – The Kanji Calligrapher

    Tomo is a Kanji Calligrapher who is originally a soilder who was part of the Vietnam war. Once back from the war, he wanted a drastic change of lifestyle and started his calligraphy. I happened to meet him when walking through Harajuku and stopped and got a nice little framed Japanese writing poster for Shilpa. […]

  • Sakkkad Sangatha Melyan

    A picture of the priests ready before mass at the St. Mary’s feast celebrations today in Church!