• Happy Birthday Shilpa and Sheela

    My lovely wife Shilpa and her twin sis, Sheela, turn a year older and wiser today. From the scrawny kids that we were in 2003 – 2004 to where we are today, 9 years later, its been such a long and fun journey together! Happy Birthday to both of you! and I wish both of […]

  • 3G on the Pay-as-you-Go Talk Mobile SIM using a Nexus One

    Firstly, the reason I am posting this in such great detail is that I really hope people like me who were searching for this over and over get the information easily! I am in the UK as part of my band, The Raghu Dixit Project‘s UK Tour and when here, I got myself a local […]

  • I am a TED Fellow!

    The last year has been the most incredible time of my life with so much happening and things taking such drastic turns! right from quitting my IT career to now getting married, it has been a series of waves I have been riding! One thing that stands out is becoming a TED Fellow, a dream […]

  • Art for Art’s Sake!

    Ivan Germon (Pronounced EeVon Jermoine) is a graffiti writer (painter?) from France who I happened to meet at Bobby’s place when I was in Mumbai. He is travelling around India trying to write graffiti (or stick pre-written graffiti as the case may be) on walls here in different cities and has infact, done quite a […]

  • Young Music Entrepreneur Award – The Review

    About a year back, I won the ‘Indian Young Music Entrepreneur Award‘ conducted by the British Council and in many ways that changed my life and definitely shaped my career path! This is a long overdue post about the award and my experience in the UK where I got to meet and interact with the […]

  • Muckwork – The Company

    Muckwork (http://muckwork.com) is the new company that is Derek Sivers‘ brainchild which through a weird twist of fate, I ended up being the VP for! Possible Muckwork Logo Its the most fun I have had working in a LONG LONG time and the learning curve is tremendous but then, its only getting better every day. […]

  • Raghu Dixit Project in Bangalore

    [Update] The show has been postponed to the 24th of December, 2008. [End of Update] After a LONG LONG hiatus, The Raghu Dixit Project is all set to play in Bangalore later this month. We are playing at Opus on the 24th of December 2008. There are other shows that might happen which are not […]