• Shine on you crazy diamond

    My friend Atul Chitnis passed away this morning after a year long battle with cancer. He was 51, and is survived by his amazing wife Shubha and daughter Geetanjali. The first time I met Atul, I was lying on a hospital bed, my leg bandaged up, my head in stitches, after a mammoth road accident, […]

  • Oh Queen of Mine!

    The ultimate tribute to the Queen of my life! I thought this was a perfect tongue in cheek tribute and for those that haven’t noticed yet, that is Shilpa’s Royal look :p

  • Joy

    For a long time, Shilpa and I kept talking about going and seeing different parts of the world and saving up and travelling and this year we finally managed to actually make it happen! True, it was many other things that made it work this time round, but we have well learnt our lesson this […]

  • Ella and Mia

    Ella and Mia are the cutest kids in the world! I had the absolute pleasure of staying with them in their house in Birmingham! They are so full of life and energy and there is not one single dull moment in their day – every day! I do hope they stay the same and all […]

  • Rohan Miles Mani

    Rohan Miles Mani is all set to be a rockstar! to begin with, he carries the same genes as Mr. Bruce Lee Mani, one of the best we have! he is named after the brilliant Miles Davis and one look at the mischievous glint in his eye will clear any other doubts you might have […]

  • Where do the Children Play?

    Chris Avinash is always monkeying around! but this time, at the Skinney Alley gig at Kyra, I spotted him at the back of the restaurant keeping these 3 kids amused and getting them to do synchronized screams when the band finished a song and what not! The light there was just brilliant and the kids […]

  • The Look

    Mayuri Upadhya is the director for what is possibly the best contemporary dance company in India, Nritarutya! I was invited to take some shots at an experimental photoshoot they were trying out in their backyard and among the many planned shots I was to get, this one just happened and I fully love it! Check […]

  • Anniversary!

    Shilpa and I celebrated 5 years together this month and this was taken on our anniversary! Infact, I wanted to see if we could do some home made studio style lighting with emergency lamps and co-incidentally, there was a massive power cut that evening!

  • Get your hands dirty!

    Shilpa and I went to Opus for the Sunday O-Show to check out some stuff and they had a potter there who was teaching people how to make clay pots and also letting them take stuff that was made. Shilpa decided to give it a shot but unfortunately it did not end up looking like […]

  • The Paper Slut

    Arjun Ravi runs Indiecision, one of the best blogs about Indian indie music and he must be the one guy attending the MOST gigs in the country right now! I caught this photo when at the Indigo Children gig in Blue Frog. He should make this his visiting card!