• Shine on you crazy diamond

    My friend Atul Chitnis passed away this morning after a year long battle with cancer. He was 51, and is survived by his amazing wife Shubha and daughter Geetanjali. The first time I met Atul, I was lying on a hospital bed, my leg bandaged up, my head in stitches, after a mammoth road accident, […]

  • Anniversary!

    Shilpa and I celebrated 5 years together this month and this was taken on our anniversary! Infact, I wanted to see if we could do some home made studio style lighting with emergency lamps and co-incidentally, there was a massive power cut that evening!

  • Cooking!

    Shilpa loves to cook different things at home and it is from her that I got interested in trying things out as well. I am no good cook, but I follow instructions well 😛 On Sunday, we tried out some recipes from and they did turn out quite well! including the perfect way to […]

  • Anxiety ..

    This was taken at the Bangalore Turf Club on the Grand Derby Final day. This is one place in Bangalore where betting is legal and the rush for it is mind boggling. The entry to the race course itself is very very cheap (Rs. 10/- to Rs. 15/-) but then they recover all that from […]

  • Mom prepares for the reading

    This picture was taken on my Grandmom’s first year death anniversary in Mangalore. My mom was preparing to read the Bible during mass in church. Though its not the best photograph, it does remind me of the day and I like the perspective.

  • Sheela!

    This was on our trip to the Cauvery Fishing Camp with Shilpa, Sheela and their father. We stopped for a break and got out of our car and the scenery was just breathtaking! Read about the trip here.

  • Hysen and Oneida

    This was a picture taken at the wedding of my good friend Hysen to the love of his life, Oneida! This was a random picture taken when they were posing for some other photographer. I just love taking pictures of people posing for someone else! their expressions are priceless … but this time sadly, I […]

  • Shilpa’s New Lampshade

    Shilpa’s new lampshade that we just made. Got some fancy hand made paper from William Penn and stitched it to a wire frame that we stole long back from college 🙂 The final effect is quite desirable!

  • New Year Pizza!

    We had a quiet and lovely new year at Ankita’s place! lots of good wine and some amazing pizza which we made from scratch. We made the base and the topping and it was pan fried because there was no oven!

  • Mai with her ‘peta’

    My granny has been a true pillar of support and strength for us. She is one of those who never tires and is eternally sweet! She has been quite instrumental in making me what I am today and is not so much a talker but a ‘doer’ and has shown only by example.