• Shine on you crazy diamond

    My friend Atul Chitnis passed away this morning after a year long battle with cancer. He was 51, and is survived by his amazing wife Shubha and daughter Geetanjali. The first time I met Atul, I was lying on a hospital bed, my leg bandaged up, my head in stitches, after a mammoth road accident, […]

  • My Latest Tattoo

    After much procrastination, I got back to ‘The Dark Arts Tattoo Studio’ for completing the pending work on one tattoo I already had and then get a new one done. The new one has 2 things – the words, Yuuki – Meaning Courage and Yume – Meaning Dreams in the Kanji script. These are the […]

  • Anniversary!

    Shilpa and I celebrated 5 years together this month and this was taken on our anniversary! Infact, I wanted to see if we could do some home made studio style lighting with emergency lamps and co-incidentally, there was a massive power cut that evening!

  • Through the Fisheye!

    No story about this photograph except that it is the first shot I took with my brand new Fisheye lens! There is still a LOT I have to learn and the process has started 🙂 I just can’t get enough of the camera and the lens! You will see a lot more of all this […]

  • The Lonely Drive Back

    On my way back home every night I keep wondering about photos I can take of interesting things I see! Today, I wanted to just give one of my crazy ideas a chance! I set the car to be right behind an auto on a lonely stretch of a *straight* road, pulled out my camera, […]

  • The Finish

    Shilpa and I decided to finally go for the races at the Bangalore Derby. The experience was quite interesting. Firstly, there is a huge class distinction where the really rich and the elite get a very comfortable experience and right beside them is the common class section where there is at times no place to […]

  • Mom prepares for the reading

    This picture was taken on my Grandmom’s first year death anniversary in Mangalore. My mom was preparing to read the Bible during mass in church. Though its not the best photograph, it does remind me of the day and I like the perspective.

  • City of London – Glimpses of London

    This was an iconic symbol of the city for me! I captured this on the streets as I walked over the London Bridge!

  • Warwick on London’s Streets – Glimpses of London

    This was on my first day in London, I dumped my bags in the Hotel and walked around the streets of London and ended up in the Covent Garden Piaza and watched the street performers do their thing! This guy was playing a bass solo with some interesting pulls and runs .. I stood watching […]

  • In a Crazy mood!

    This was taken by my good friend, Sayan Dutta also known to the world as the Red Bantoo! This is a super picture that captures the crazy mood I was in that morning! It goes to show the beauty of capturing the moment!