• 3G on the Pay-as-you-Go Talk Mobile SIM using a Nexus One

    Firstly, the reason I am posting this in such great detail is that I really hope people like me who were searching for this over and over get the information easily! I am in the UK as part of my band, The Raghu Dixit Project‘s UK Tour and when here, I got myself a local […]

  • My Equation with God

    This was something I had written for a local daily here in Bangalore when they asked me for my views on Religion and why I follow the religion I follow. I had this in my drafts for a long time and decided to just post it today! —— I am not religious in the true […]

  • Art for Art’s Sake!

    Ivan Germon (Pronounced EeVon Jermoine) is a graffiti writer (painter?) from France who I happened to meet at Bobby’s place when I was in Mumbai. He is travelling around India trying to write graffiti (or stick pre-written graffiti as the case may be) on walls here in different cities and has infact, done quite a […]

  • The Importance of being ‘Earnest’

    A bunch of us turned up at Rangashankara earlier today and rather promptly I should say (Rangashankara inspires that in you!) to catch the Evam production ‘The Importance of being “Earnest”‘. There are very few things to do in Bangalore right now if you don’t want to go eat or go to the movies, atleast […]

  • Nokia E71 Contact Search

    Its very unlike me to be posting tech related articles on my blog but after years in software testing and writing, I thought it was time for me to start. But the first post I make had to be something that plagued me for a long time! I have the Nokia E71 and one of […]

  • Our Song :)

    So after years of searching and debating, Shilpa and I found our song .. for the moment! we’ve found many such songs, but this one we’re learning to sing a duet for etc .. so here goes ..

  • Independence Day!

    For some odd reason, tonight, I was sitting and watching Channel [V]’s feature on ‘Rock On’, the new Farhan Akthar movie about being rock musicians in India, a topic that is dear to my heart. And after an Ad break, a message, “Please Stand Up for the National Anthem” came up in bold on the […]

  • Interesting spam?

    Seems like our friendly neighbourhood software company is either trying out new marketing tactics or is the victim of some interesting spam?

  • The craziest time of my life!

    The past few weeks and the next few to come have officially been the craziest times of my life! I have learnt so much its not even funny and everything just happened at the same time. After the North East trip, I have come out a much stronger person and I must say my resolve […]

  • Back Home …

    I got back to Bangalore yesterday and I’m still trying to catch up with things on multiple fronts. The trip through the North East of India has positively changed my life! And in many ways, the lessons I have learned from this trip I would never ever have got otherwise .. I will update the […]