• Shine on you crazy diamond

    My friend Atul Chitnis passed away this morning after a year long battle with cancer. He was 51, and is survived by his amazing wife Shubha and daughter Geetanjali. The first time I met Atul, I was lying on a hospital bed, my leg bandaged up, my head in stitches, after a mammoth road accident, […]

  • I am a TED Fellow!

    The last year has been the most incredible time of my life with so much happening and things taking such drastic turns! right from quitting my IT career to now getting married, it has been a series of waves I have been riding! One thing that stands out is becoming a TED Fellow, a dream […]

  • My Equation with God

    This was something I had written for a local daily here in Bangalore when they asked me for my views on Religion and why I follow the religion I follow. I had this in my drafts for a long time and decided to just post it today! —— I am not religious in the true […]

  • Engaged :) (Unofficially!!)

    After 5 years of dating and wooing and falling in love over and over, Shilpa and I decided it was finally time to, in a manner of speaking, have our cake and eat it too 😀 Just like when we started dating, it was she who finally popped the question that mattered and I would […]

  • Art for Art’s Sake!

    Ivan Germon (Pronounced EeVon Jermoine) is a graffiti writer (painter?) from France who I happened to meet at Bobby’s place when I was in Mumbai. He is travelling around India trying to write graffiti (or stick pre-written graffiti as the case may be) on walls here in different cities and has infact, done quite a […]

  • My Experiments with Photojournalism

    Ever since I started getting somewhere with my photography, I’ve wanted to do photojournalism. Its just something that I have been wanting to do for quite sometime now. So after waiting for the right time to come along and waiting to see if I can get some “assignments” hooked up to do something, I have […]

  • Mumbai Meri Jaan

    Over the past year or so, I have made so many trips to Mumbai and from absolutely hating the place and not being able to stay here for more than a weekend at most, I have come to know and love this place … a LOT! Infact, I would never have thought that this would […]

  • Allegro Fudge

    A while back, I had asked all of you to suggest a name for the band I was playing with. A lot of interesting suggestions came up, but what stuck was “Allegro Fudge” which was suggested by none other than Derek Sivers himself! Infact, it was suggested as a spur of the moment thing and […]

  • Must Eat In Bangalore – Part 1 – Drunken Beef in Shiok / Moss

    I thought I would start a new series on my blog of particular dishes I recommend from various restaurants in Bangalore. I have been a foodie all my life and have been exploring all of Bangalore for new and interesting eating options and it totally helps that I eat just about anything edible 🙂 So […]

  • Changeling

    Its been quite a while since a movie really gripped me from the very start and then took me along with it and had more than half the theatre crying by the end of it! “Changeling” did precisely that and so much more! Its about a mother’s search for her missing son and how things […]