• Yuki – As white as snow

    Yuki came into my life as a surprise, a surprise for my then girlfriend and now wife, Shilpa on her birthday. For someone who has never ever lived with a pet, it was a brand new experience, but in the hustle bustle of your day, when you look around to see her blue eyes staring […]

  • My Latest Tattoo

    After much procrastination, I got back to ‘The Dark Arts Tattoo Studio’ for completing the pending work on one tattoo I already had and then get a new one done. The new one has 2 things – the words, Yuuki – Meaning Courage and Yume – Meaning Dreams in the Kanji script. These are the […]

  • Only Evil Can Hold This

    My mom likes to drink her morning tea from a large cup and this was an Iron Maiden cup that my brother had gotten for playing at some gig! Little did she know what I was up to when I clicked this snap 🙂

  • Orlando’s Letters

    On one of the days of our trip, Shilpa and I went to the Globe theatre to catch a performance of ‘As you like it’ with the commoners 😉 – we bought the cheapest tickets which meant we had to stand through the entire 3 hour show but it was worth every minute of it! […]

  • Oh Queen of Mine!

    The ultimate tribute to the Queen of my life! I thought this was a perfect tongue in cheek tribute and for those that haven’t noticed yet, that is Shilpa’s Royal look :p

  • Joy

    For a long time, Shilpa and I kept talking about going and seeing different parts of the world and saving up and travelling and this year we finally managed to actually make it happen! True, it was many other things that made it work this time round, but we have well learnt our lesson this […]

  • Shilpa on the Pier

    Thanks to Arun and Sruti, we went out on a drive from Glasgow to explore the Highlands of Scotland and drove around the MASSIVE Loch Lomond. This was taken at our stop for lunch at Sruti’s favourite sea food joint in the area! I love this picture of Shilpa, though she will not admit she […]

  • The Cross at Durham

    Outside the Durham Cathedral is this tall cross that stands just by the main door. Its amazing how beautiful everything was in those days, and people were not happy with just putting up buildings but making them really ornate and also the sizes. I have always wanted to click a picture something like this, though […]

  • The Lone Trumpeteer!

    On the way to the Durham Cathedral, I saw this old man sitting on the bridge just playing softly, the hits that were most definitely from his time! and it was magical how just that soft soothing music made such a difference and lifted the ambiance of the whole place 🙂

  • The Essence of Lovebox

    This was another picture snapped at the Lovebox festival where the vibe was all about people coming together and enjoying the music as they chilled out comfortably! and for a festival to allow for this to happen with about 50,000 people in there, is quite special! I loved this festival and would love to go […]