• Only Evil Can Hold This

    My mom likes to drink her morning tea from a large cup and this was an Iron Maiden cup that my brother had gotten for playing at some gig! Little did she know what I was up to when I clicked this snap 🙂

  • Incy Wincy Spider

    This is a spider that has set up shop outside my house. It caught my fancy when I was just randomly staring outside the window and I had to try and get as close as possible to it! This is a special dedication to Mrinal ‘Munnu’ Kalakrishnan and it is also the start of my […]

  • Motion

    I was the ‘unofficial’ photographer at the show put up by the ‘Unforgettable Singers’ in Bangalore. This was clicked before the show where everyone was running helter skelter to get things in place for the show to start. This is my friend Kiran running through the aisles!

  • The Unforgettable Singers

    Sheela was singing with a group that called themselves ‘The Unforgettable Singers’and they put up a show of songs over the years right from some early 1940’s songs to Shania Twain! It was a fun show put together by a group of amateurs and for the sound they had on stage (I heard it and […]

  • Shefali

    I just love how a black and white photo looks so special! I caught Shefali who was busy all day that day when we went over to her place. She finally did sit down with all of us when I managed to snap this one!