• Evangelist at

    When Ashim and I went to meet Deepak Ravindran, in his brand new office in Koramangala, little did I expect that it would dramatically change the way I looked at technology and the future of my involvement in Technology! I met a 24 year old who not only had a killer idea, but did something […]

  • around the corner, the premier Open Source Conference happens in Bangalore from the 1st to the 5th of December, 2009 at the brilliant NIMHANS Convention Center. I am part of the organizing committee and I can guarantee that there are a lot of cool things being put together for this to happen. The Call for Speakers was […]

  • My Highlights of 2008

    On the last day of this year, I thought it was only fair to write about the lovely year its been for me. After I decided to make this post, I thought about the year and the events that I should write about, and the only points of reference I had were the photographs I […]

  • Muckwork – The Company

    Muckwork ( is the new company that is Derek Sivers‘ brainchild which through a weird twist of fate, I ended up being the VP for! Possible Muckwork Logo Its the most fun I have had working in a LONG LONG time and the learning curve is tremendous but then, its only getting better every day. […]

  • The Brand New RadioVeRVe

    Lets get the announcement out of the way – The Brand New RadioVeRVe is Up and Running! – About 4 years ago, Shreyas and I started out with a little experiment that eventually became (cutting a long story short) RadioVeRVe. Today I proudly announce the latest version of the site which we have been […]

  • Vice President, Muckwork

    “When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it” – Paulo Coelho For as long as I have known myself as a kid, I wanted to become this jetsetting, corporate suit type person who would have a swanky office, a fancy car and a beach house! I din’t really know […]

  • Brand New Website

    Its taken a long time coming and I know its largely my procrastination that is to blame for this, but it was high time I got this done. Please take a look at the brand new and tell me what you think! This is still work in progress and a lot more updates are […]

  • goes down?!

    And all of a sudden today, stopped working for me! I kept getting an error message “not site admin” on any page. And whats more .. the page source shows NO HTML, NO NOTHING!! Anyone have any idea what the issue is? *UPDATE* – So there was an issue! and it was because […]

  • My new office

    The Economic Times wanted to do a feature on our office and the employee collaboration that takes place in Citrix. They wanted some pictures of the employees in the office “collaborating” and at the same time showcasing the office infrastructure. The photographer they had originally hired to do this din’t work out and so I […]

  • Is it worth it in the end?

    Long time ago I wrote about how kids in colleges were not taking part in co-curriculars and how the entire trend was shifting towards glamour and fashion and the like! Today, its been about 10 years since I started with all these events and trying to do as much as I can and participate in […]