Its been quite a while since a movie really gripped me from the very start and then took me along with it and had more than half the theatre crying by the end of it!

Changeling” did precisely that and so much more! Its about a mother’s search for her missing son and how things twist and turn in the most interesting ways! Whats more, its based on a true story!

What I liked about the movie is that even though its got so much emotion running, its still not a sob fest! and by the time the interval comes up in the movie, you are fully revved up to go up and help that lady with what is happening in her life!

Its a brilliant story and an even better movie. The casting for the movie is perfect to say the least! You really sympathise with Angelina Jolie as she goes through her part of the story, you really and I mean really detest the negative character in the movie and after the lawyer in the movie did his bit in the court room, there was applause in the theatre!

I fully recommend that you go watch this movie but remember, it might overcome you at times 🙂 Definitely not for kids though!