Engaged :) (Unofficially!!)

After 5 years of dating and wooing and falling in love over and over, Shilpa and I decided it was finally time to, in a manner of speaking, have our cake and eat it too 😀

Just like when we started dating, it was she who finally popped the question that mattered and I would be a fool to say No!. Its not very often in life that such good deals come your way and its then that you need to jump and pounce on them and never think twice even :p .. Okay .. so I am getting a little carried away 😉

The official engagement, in the traditional style of the my family going over to her house and having a small engagement ceremony etc will happen in due course of time, but for all practical purposes, and as far as we are concerned, “We’re Engaged!”

For all you curious types and for those that doubted any part of this, here is the evidence!

Yes it is a diamond! .. and Yes! its the first one I’ve bought .. EVER!