Hoysala Sene and the Bangalore Culture!

So the “news” finally appeared in all the local news papers today. The allegations were approximately as follows – (Please check each newspaper for exact stories)

1. Kannada Prabha – which alleged that there was a “Live Band” playing in there. That was their Headline!

2. Prajavani – The article that mentioned the incident stated that the restaurant “Fuga” was running a discotheque.

3. Deccan Herald – The article mentioned that allegations were made by the activists that the discotheque that was running was “against Indian Culture”.

4. Indian Express – This article mentioned the variations of the above including the “live band” and the “discotheque” and the “culture” issue.

Most articles mentioned that there was “Ganja” and “Charas” being served at “Fuga” and how the guests at the club were seen coming out of there with their faces covered!

Now, I was inside! and let me state what I saw and what actually happened.

1. There was no “live band”, there was no band! let me repeat that .. there was NO BAND!

2. NO ONE serves “Charas” and “Ganja” in a club!! Get over it! its not that easy to score drugs even if you want to! Its not sold over the counter!

3. What is this “Culture” that we are trying to safeguard? Is dancing to music such a big crime? Is wearing a skirt a crime? Which part of what happens in a regular club is a crime? And I can vouch that there were very regular things happening! Worse things happen on MG Road on the street and that is even public knowledge! I don’t see anyone going and doing anything about it!

If you read some of the reports, then you will read about how the police went in and checked the place and found NO EVIDENCE of any wrong doing! and I can guarantee that because .. I was in there and I saw it! So doesn’t the press now need to try and get the actual story out? Can’t the management of Fuga or someone sue these chaps for such slander?

Now as a result of this, the group “Hoysala Sene” got its 15 minutes of fame and made a splash in the local press. Congrats boys! you have now arrived! But what was actually proven? What was the point of this? I read that someone from the Hoysala Sene has video evidence of the wrong doing in the club, why not publish that?

I am not a party animal and this was my first time at Fuga and it is a nice place and I really liked the way they handled the whole crisis. But what I don’t get is, first, there are these million rules in place that prevent people from even going out. Next, it is clear that you can just randomly accuse anyone and get away with it! What is happening to my city?