I am the Indian Young Music Entrepreneur of the Year – 2008!

Last week, I applied for the ‘International Young Music Entrepreneur of the Year – 2008‘ conducted by the British Council in India. This is an award that is given to people between 25 and 35 who are doing innovative stuff in the domain of music and entertainment in 10 countries that participate in this event.

I won the India leg of this event yesterday and the magnitude of this is still sinking in slowly! As winner, I get to travel to the UK in June and attend ‘London Calling‘ one of the biggest trade conferences for the global music industry. I also get to add one song from my country into the global IYME compilation. My choice for this is of course going to be ‘Gudugidya’, my favourite song from the Raghu Dixit Project album and one of the songs that I played for on the album.

Since I could not do a formal ‘Thank you’ acceptance speech yesterday while receiving the award, I’d like to take that liberty here!

Thank you Shreyas and Atul for RadioVeRVe! This is as much your award as it is mine … Working for RadioVeRVe has been one of the most wonderful things I have done in my life though I haven’t given it the time it deserves recently!

Thanks Shilpa for not letting me give up and for believing and eventually joining in the initiative! I love the fact that we can stay strong together doing all that we love!

Thanks Vijay and Bobby from OML firstly for letting me know about this award and for the beautiful relationship we are working towards (okay that does sound slightly wrong!). Also, Neysa and the entire gang at OML for blindly helping us out with all that we asked for!

Thanks Raghu! playing with you has done more for RadioVeRVe than anything else in the recent past! If every band we featured promoted us like you do .. things would be very different!

A big thanks to my family and my extended family! Mom, Dad, Geeth, Sheila – At times, I’m sure you never understood, but supported whole heartedly nevertheless!

A HUGE thanks to everyone who makes original music in India! you guys deserve much more than you guys are getting and its time we did that!

To all my friends from college and colleagues at work for helping us in their own little way and for bearing with the unlimited gyan that I keep spewing!

I could go on .. but I guess I make my point … I just went up there and made the presentation, the work was done by many with me and this is for all of us!

Lets hope we go on to win the International award! that will be the longer speech! 😉