I got it from my mamma!

“There was no Bass guitar!!!!” …. that was my first reaction when I walked into the ‘Black Eyed Peas’ concert yesterday. The place was filled with kids 3/4th my age and all of them ready and eager to watch the Peas “rock the party”!

How I got in there is a big round about scam .. I not only got in there but also made some money doing it! So in all, it was a profitable show for me! I mean, it was a concert worth attending if you made some money just going there! So the 6 of us including Sharvari, Jason, Jonty, Sherin and Bunny were ready with our skeptical minds to scrutinize the show to the minutest detail!

So on to the show … The Black Eyed Peas are a bunch of solo performers and NOT a band! They are decently passable individually but when they get together, you wish there was some way you could just mute the show. They started with a few familiar tunes from their album “Monkey Business”, I’ll be damned if I remember song names .. 😛

When the show started, it was Fergie all the way! everyone’s eyes were on her and I guess thats the only reason they got past the first few songs and Fergie was all over the stage flaunting every bit of her surgically altered self and the few crowd shots on the big screen indicated clearly that the first few rows got more than their money’s worth!

They had some sort of an intro worked out for each song where they would do some rehearsed script readout thing and from nowhere tie stuff to the title of the next song! and that included a lot of “India is great etc…” to keep the audience cheering all along and forgiving them for those completely pointless and disconnected intros!

Then they went into a few of their ‘more popular’ numbers which included “My Humps” and others which I don’t recollect right now .. More girls joined them on stage for these numbers and it proved the old adage .. “the more the merrier!” .. some cheers got louder and we decided it was time to ‘Yenjoy’ the show, atleast I did.

The band then launched into some of the solo stuff that the band members are doing including ‘GLAMOROUS’ and ‘London Bridge’ (For the uninitiated, it is NOT about the bridge in london) and the lowest low of the night .. Will.I.Am’s disgusting “I got it from my mamma!.

They also went through an extended version of ‘Where is the love’ where they sufficiently pitched Nokia, the event sponsors and thankfully, and unlike their repeated threats, the show ended much before 11.30!

All in all … it was a good show ONLY if you are a fan, if not, it was not worth the trouble at all! I’d give it a 2.5/5 rating!