Is it worth it in the end?

Long time ago I wrote about how kids in colleges were not taking part in co-curriculars and how the entire trend was shifting towards glamour and fashion and the like!

Today, its been about 10 years since I started with all these events and trying to do as much as I can and participate in as many different activities and events as I can and I would like to say .. ‘Its totally worth it!’

I was *far from ideal* as a student! I got good enough grades to stop people from questioning my other interests, but I certainly din’t fit into most teachers’ picture of a good student. Infact, a few of them clearly disliked me as a student and made sure everyone knew that!

But it was passion for these events that kept me and a few of us dedicated to various co-curriculars in our student lives. At that time, I’m sure none of us knew if that would ever help us in the long run or would even be of use to us, but that was not why we did it!

Today, when I look at the number of different things I am doing and how not even *ONE* thing I am doing is what I was trained for in college professionally, I am glad I did all the other things I did and with the passion that I followed it up!

True, its been a huge dollop of good fortune and being in the right place at the right time and knowing the right people etc that has helped along the way, but like Paulo Coelho says .. ‘If you want something really bad … the universe will conspire with you to help you get it!’

Quite a few people ask and admire that I manage to do a variety of things or rather in their words ‘find time’ to do all the things I do .. Its not that, I make time to do things I want to .. there is a difference!

Reminds me of my favourite quote as a kid ..”Don’t let school interfere with your education!”