Life on the Road

With the album out, we‘ve become busier than ever before and that means a LOT of travelling. The travelling for me started about a year and a half back and managing it with a full time day job and a very serious passion becomes extremely hectic.

I have been putting together some form of a survival kit for me on the road so I can make the switch with minimal ease! my kit as of now is all about keeping myself occupied while travelling because that can be the most taxing part, atleast for me! it is very difficult to just sit still while you wait to reach the next destination.

I always carry my Macbook, which has been a lifesaver for me and though its battery lasts for slightly lesser than before, I just can’t do without it! my next computer (if I ever need one) will be a Mac for sure! Once you take some time and set up your Mac, its just so easy to get on with life! 🙂

The software I use on my Mac for each of the things I do will be a separate blog post that I will write sometime soon.

Then I have my Archos 605 Wifi which has at any point of time a couple of movies I haven’t watched and some new music to listen to. It also works quite well as a storage device and for transferring stuff between computers.

I have always been looking for a good phone that could be carried around which I can use and until the next version of the iPhone is released, I use my Nokia E65 on which I have GPRS enabled and it has become the standard way of checking e-mail, twitter, facebook etc while travelling.

I also carry with me, my trusted camera, a Nikon D70s fitted with a 50mm prime lens which has taken some amazing shots (by my standards atleast) and though it requires some care while handling and some extra lugging around with all the other stuff I have to take, the ends totally justify the means! I am looking for a good zoom / wide angle lens for my camera and if any of you have suggestions, please let me know which one I should go for.

A recent companion on my travels has been the Zoom H4 handy recorder that we bought for RadioVeRVe and its just the right thing for taking short interviews, for recording song ideas and creating shows for RadioVeRVe and otherwise, atleast getting the sound clips which can be used later to produce proper shows.

Until sometime back, I used to carry a pair of Seinheiser headphones that were perfect, a bit bulky for the road but very comfortable and excellent sound quality. But they went bust sometime back and I am making do with some cheap neckphones and a nice set of in-ear noise cancelling earphones for the flights.

To this I add stuff specific to the trip I am on. If I am travelling for a show which has been the de-facto reason in a majority of the cases, I have my beautiful Warwick Streamer and everything that is needed for stage including my own DI box and cables!

And then you add clothes and everything else to the mix and I am all set for moving into a new place and staying there for a while at a moment’s notice!

Now I wonder if it is a good thing though 😛