Muckwork – The Company

Muckwork ( is the new company that is Derek Sivers‘ brainchild which through a weird twist of fate, I ended up being the VP for!

Possible Muckwork Logo

Possible Muckwork Logo

Its the most fun I have had working in a LONG LONG time and the learning curve is tremendous but then, its only getting better every day. We are currently in the process of setting up various backend systems required to get this up and going and also have been talking with various people for partnerships and collaborations for when we start. And we should start soon!

Like it has been mentioned before, and I love this way of explaining it, when the music industry started becoming an industry a little earlier in this century, the musician just made music and played gigs. The people around the musician took care of everything else that was to be done. We then in the last 10 years or so moved into the phase of the DIY musician who started doing things himself / herself.

The DIY musician eventually ended up spending more time doing the things around the music than the music itself! So now we are at a phase where, technology has made it so easy for many things to be done which previously required a LOT of people doing a LOT of work and as a company we feel that a musician should concentrate on doing the music side of things while they smartly use a lot of resources around them for the rest of the work.

This is where Muckwork comes in. We plan to be the people to go to for the rest of it! The dream is to be able to become a company where a musician comes with whatever vague requests for work, right from “create my press kit” to “make me famous” and we have some way to do that! Though “make me famous” will depend a LOT on your music and many other things 😉

So we start small and start sometime soon and then take it as it comes! its going to be a brilliant new year! so watch this space ..