Mumbai Meri Jaan

Over the past year or so, I have made so many trips to Mumbai and from absolutely hating the place and not being able to stay here for more than a weekend at most, I have come to know and love this place … a LOT!

Infact, I would never have thought that this would be possible, but I think I would happily move here and have a ball of a time doing it! I have made good friends and great connections with the place and its people. This doesn’t mean or indicate in any way that I am contemplating moving out of good ol’ Bengaluru anytime soon, I have way too much invested in there to make that shift, lots of friends and also the great hometown advantage that I am not ready to lose just yet :p

Yesterday, Shilpa and I, along with two of Shilpa’s ex-roomies and frequent interspersed visits by my good friend Samira, spent the day roaming the streets of Bombay indulging in Shilpa’s favourite passtime (shopping of course!) and I began to think about how much this city had to offer and how Bangalore, which started with promise has now disintegrated to a very badly run and organized place which, if you look beyond the gloss, has very little to offer!

Its really time to take Bangalore back to what it once was and promised to become and make the most of what Bangalore can offer! and it offers a LOT.

More to come soon.