Music in India is evolving!

Indian music used to be very cliche for a long long time and when I say Indian music, I am talking about Indian Indie Music and not Bollywood. Bollywood follows strict patterns and that is a whole new topic!

I am encouraged by the new music that is coming up in India and it is very very heartening to see so many people experimenting and trying new stuff. So what if things derive from western cultures, there are quite a few bands and musicians in India who are carving out niches for themselves. There is finally a ‘Sound’ that can be associated with bands from India.

I would like to start with the band that I play for … ‘The Raghu Dixit Project‘. The music that we make and play is a complete refreshing change from most other music made here and we have a ‘sound’ which is a blend of the acoustic guitars, the bluesy riffs, the world music beats, the funk bass, some classical violins and Raghu‘s overwhelming voice!

This sound is not classifiable directly under any single genre and we prefer it that way! its not even okay for us to just put it in ‘World’ or ‘Alternative’ because that is too vague. We prefer our own little connotation of ‘Indo World Folk Rock’! Check it out and let us know what you think!

Another new band that I currently love is ‘Avial‘. Its not a new band I know but then they have come into the limelight recently with their debut album which is a MUST BUY! They have managed to fuse rock music with a regional Indian language (Malayalam) like no one else has been able to before! I have been singing their songs and listening to them and totally loving it!

The list of these bands that are re-defining the Indian scene is growing longer and longer and I will split it into multiple posts. Watch out for more soon!