Must Eat In Bangalore – Part 1 – Drunken Beef in Shiok / Moss

I thought I would start a new series on my blog of particular dishes I recommend from various restaurants in Bangalore. I have been a foodie all my life and have been exploring all of Bangalore for new and interesting eating options and it totally helps that I eat just about anything edible 🙂

So the first in my series is the most widely acclaimed dish that totally lives up to its fame – Drunken Beef at Shiok / Moss.

I was introduced to this dish in the very early days of Shiok and all of us heard about Madhu Menon who started this restaurant after getting out of the IT industry etc.

In his own words, Drunken Beef is “The top-selling beef dish at my restaurant, Shiok. Beef is stir-fried with a fiery mix of chillies, garlic, and basil.” and I completely vouch for it!

Any time I go to Shiok or to the newly launched Moss Lounge, this starter is a must and I completely recommend that you try it!