My Equation with God

This was something I had written for a local daily here in Bangalore when they asked me for my views on Religion and why I follow the religion I follow. I had this in my drafts for a long time and decided to just post it today!


I am not religious in the true sense of the word and it is my opinion that most people have their own definition of what ‘God’ means to them and how religious they are and there is no universal definition that fits all.

I am a catholic, I do believe in a God who is modern and understanding and evolving with the times. I believe in my definition of my God! I am also a believer in the good side of my religion, and that religion is inherently good. Its just been crowded in a lot of controversy and there are many things I wish were different. But at heart, my religion preaches tolerance, love and peace, all of which I believe are good and should be preached!

I cannot point to one specific incident in my life and say, “Here .. this is why I believe in God”, its just the way I have been brought up by my parents. In retrospect, there have been many things in my life which have just gone right and I seem to have a lot of things working for me in all aspects of my life! while most people would attribute that to pure luck and hard work, I’d like to believe that there is a little more than that at play!