My Experiments with Photojournalism

Ever since I started getting somewhere with my photography, I’ve wanted to do photojournalism. Its just something that I have been wanting to do for quite sometime now.

So after waiting for the right time to come along and waiting to see if I can get some “assignments” hooked up to do something, I have decided its time to start doing something on my own.

A couple of months back, Shilpa and I had decided to wake up early on weekends and go do a story on the street dogs in Bangalore, and that is one of the first few stories I would want to start with.

What I wanted from you guys is suggestions for stories that I can go shoot and write about in Bangalore. I am not looking for complicated month long projects, I would like suggestions for small projects that would possibly take me a couple of hours a week and help me hone my skills.

Also, if anything I do is of interest to you and you want to join in, or if you want to use anything that I do, please do write to me at mail at gauravvaz dot com and I’ll be more than glad to work with you!