My Photography Skills!

This has been a long neglected area of my life, I got my DSLR (off my good friend Ashwin of course) over 2 years back now and I have been taking lots of photographs mostly because I am usually the only person with a good camera at hand, but of late I have begun to seriously like photography!

Unlike a lot of people in my circle of friends, I am not so much a wildlife photographer, and I don’t really see myself going that route either. I am more of a people and faces kind of photographer and would love to click pictures of emotions and people when they are not aware that a camera is pointing at them.

This usually poses 2 problems, one is the issue of permissions when photographing people etc .. and secondly, the ability to actually take good photos!

The latter is the easier problem to fix and I think its time I went over to my good friend Kallu for some guidance .. Once that is done, we’ll take a look at the other issues 🙂