Nokia E71 Contact Search

Its very unlike me to be posting tech related articles on my blog but after years in software testing and writing, I thought it was time for me to start. But the first post I make had to be something that plagued me for a long time!

I have the Nokia E71 and one of the most beautiful things about that phone is the “contacts search” feature where you just start typing the name of the contact you want to call on your QWERTY keypad and the contacts appear on screen filtered as you type. You don’t have to go into contacts and then start your search! In my mind this is a very small yet brilliant addition to an already nice phone.

Now a month back or so, I had managed to accidentally turn off this feature and the regular intuitive way that I thought one would go about turning such a feature back on was leading to dead ends! Searching for this Online din’t help either because I couldn’t find references to this problem – Maybe I was searching for the wrong thing!

The fix is very simple, and in retrospect, it is very intuitive as well, but only in retrospect! Atul found this out for me and saved me a lot of pain!

Once you type a character on screen when you are on the home screen, you click the upper left ‘Options‘ button and in there is the option to switch “Contact SearchON or OFF. This option is not available in any other menu that I could find on the phone and it took a LOT of figuring out to stumble upon this.

I hope this helps someone else facing such a problem!