Octoberfest Bangalore

I just got back from the 2007 October fest (thankfully held in October itself this time round) and I must say I am quite happy!

I came back from watching MotherJane taking stage in Bangalore after a long long hiatus! The band seemed to be undergoing the standard ‘Indian Rock Band Mid Life Crisis” where the members are either scattered around the country (which is their case) or are too busy with things they do to bring home the bacon and some cheese on some days. The band still held together and rocked the 1500 odd people who had gathered there but they were not the MotherJane they were 3 years or so back when they changed the face of Indian Rock with “Insane Biography”. But its just a matter of them getting together and jamming more often and they will surely get back to the brilliant stage act that they are!

What made me happy as I left the venue was the fact that there were 4 bands that played there today towards the end of the day atleast, which included Bangalorean Extinct Reflections and Slain, Sling Shot from Mallu land and MotherJane. Not one of these bands played a cover. All of them played their own songs and managed to keep a crowd of about 1000 – 2000 interested. A sure sign that Indian Rock has taken many positive strides forward!

I wish these bands went a step or two further and actually spent time and did what was required to be done to get themselves heard beyond their little circles! I get the feeling that they are waiting for someone to come and spot them and take them the distance instead of doing it themselves!

More about that soon .. I am arming myself with some ammunition before I address that issue!