Once I started working, I bought my first real camera, the Canon Powershot A75 and that was really the start to my photography. Soon, I came across a great deal on a used Nikon D70s with a 50mm fixed focus prime lens and that meant that I din’t even have to decide between Nikon and Cannon!

When I started out with my DSLR, my circle of friends was filled with people experimenting with phtography and that was a good place for me to start taking inspiration from. My very good friend and photographer par excellence, Kalyan Varma, helped me out with a few pointers on how to get started with the camera and from there on, it was just me and my camera and thousands of photographs where I tried to learn to understand my camera and realize how it is not the camera or the settings but the photographer and the moment!

I have always loved capturing emotion and I love photographing people in a non-studio environment. Over the years, I have become an unofficial 2nd photographer at various friends’ functions where they hire a photographer for the “must have a record of” photos and I just go along and try to capture the excitement or just photos that the hired photographer is too busy to even notice! Its a great job with no pressure!

I recently gave into the mirrorless camera movement after selling off all my DSLRs and lenses and now shoot with the incredible Fujifilm XE-2 which actually made me fall in love with photography all over again.

My photography style is very documentary driven. I love shooting live music, and also any gathering that has a lot of human interaction for example parties and weddings. While I do not do this professionally, I love interesting photography assignments and have always been ready to try various photography projects.