Me on the World Wide Web

I started my tech career as a SSL developer for NetScaler India, which was then bought over by Citrix. From there I moved to product testing and further on, to technical writing. I finally settled on web design and development because of my love for the web and by virtue of just being online a lot!

In the early days, I taught myself web design and development and helped build websites for friends starting from various themes. I was introduced to blogging via LiveJournal and then WordPress, and ever since, it has been my platform of choice for everything I have worked on.

When I met Ashim D’Silva in 2010, I found the perfect partner, who was even more passionate about the web and great design than I ever was, and was looking to put together a collective of talented freelancers who would come together and work on a specific project. A sort of “dream team” of the best professionals required to best execute the project at hand.

That collective was called ‘The Random Lines‘ and as time went by, we ended up working with the same core group of people each time and eventually became a proper company. What started as a couple of freelance projects became a full fledged business with me heading business development, server administration and strategy & content for clients.

Over the years we developed quite an impressive bank of work and some really awesome clients before we changed it up all over again and decided to go back to what we really loved about the web, and that was helping people achieve the website and web applications of their dreams.

Today, The Random Lines is a Web and App consultancy and we are working with various SMEs and start-ups right from inception to various stages and helping them put together fantastic products online.

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