Sigh – The Short Film

About a year back, my good friend Mark, called me and asked if another friend Ram Ganesh, author and playwright and creator of some brilliant original plays like ‘Snakes and Ladders’ (which I admittedly watched 3 times because I so loved it!) can take one of Phenom‘s songs, ‘Resurgence‘ for a short film that he was making.

I din’t hesitate a moment and we readily agreed to give out the music for the film. I completely forgot about that film and it was only yesterday at the TFA awards, where Ram had been shortlisted for an award in the creative writing category, that I met him and he told me that the short film was complete and was uploaded onto Youtube and asked if I had seen it!

A quick search brought the film up and I must say I love the way its turned out, though Ram vehemently states that its not how they intended it to turn out, I like the feel of the film and considering that this was shot with almost no budget with a simple handy cam and all actors in the film doing this as a hobby, its a really nice effort!

Check it out yourself and let me now what you think! Also, If you haven’t yet done it, please go and download the Phenom album from our site, its dated now, but the songs are still very nice 🙂

Direct Link to the film –