Slumdog Millionaire

I was excited about this movie from when I first heard about it and then I saw how it started getting more and more popular and everyone I knew was talking about it! What finally clinched it for me was when Derek recommended this to me and told me what I am now telling all of you! – “You must watch this movie!!!”

It doesn’t have any major stars (well, not in the capacity of major stars atleast) and its not some major production, but what it is, is a very nice story of a dream run! And its been shot beautifully and narrated perfectly! The casting for the roles was perfect! Though I guess I would have liked to see Amitabh Bachchan do the quiz show anchor role but then, that would just be too perfect! and it would ring a bell only in India 🙂

I got myself a copy of the movie and watched it on my laptop and I think that is how most of India’s online junta will watch it because the producers of the movie made a little bit of a mistake not releasing it here! I will definitely be watching it again in the theatres, but then, I’m sure they are losing out of a LOT of people by not releasing it simultaneously here in India.

I highly recommend watching this movie and waiting for it to hit the theatres! but then .. sometimes .. curiosity gets the better of you! There is a reason its rated 8.5/10 on IMDB!