So what was the issue again?

Last night, I went out with a bunch of my friends to Fuga for a simple night out. It was infact a very good friend’s bachelorette party and I was among the few guys invited 😉 Everything was going as expected until about 9.30 PM when the first batch of cops arrived on the scene and shut down the music (dancing and alcohol don’t mix in Bangalore and so that was the reason).

We sat around for a bit with the music shut and then resumed a little later but the dance floor was closed and the volumes suggested the place was more a lounge than a club.

Whatever, so that was all okay with us and we were heading out anyway to her place for the rest of the party when suddenly we were locked in! Supposedly, there was a bunch of people (about 50 of them) with Karnataka flags sitting outside the club on the street and picketing!

This is supposedly a new group that has just started in the city and their name is rumoured to be ‘Hoysala Sene’ (The Hoysala Army). They were there from about 10 PM till midnight and ever increasing in number and were supposedly waiting to ‘oust’ people inside! Some rumours spread to the extent that they wanted to make a point about the dressing sense of the club goers or just trying to be the moral police in this matter.

So for the next 2 hours, we were packed into the club and the doors locked while the picketing gang outside waited for the media to arrive in all its glory! Finally, a little after midnight, members from our extremely responsible media waltzed into the club with their video cameras and their flashlights and for some reason ignored my wide smiling face and went straight for the girls in the club!

It was like they were on some mission to find the girls in the club and put them on their TV News show! And they din’t care about anyone else! This is the best shot of them I could get as I was walking out of the club.

Now what I am asking is, what were the people in the club doing wrong exactly? How is it wrong to go out with friends to a club and dress up while you are at it? Which part of what was happening was illegal? Or was the issue dancing when alcohol was being served? Was that why you were targetting the ladies only? Is this the ‘news’ you want to *CREATE*??

I am waiting to see what tomorrow’s news papers say about this and what the TV channels show this out to be. I was in there and I saw what happened! it was a plain and simple night out in a club which was stopped rather illegally by a picketing gang of people. I want to see the media report this .. and tell me their version!