The Brand New RadioVeRVe

RadioVeRVe :: Just Tune In

Lets get the announcement out of the way – The Brand New RadioVeRVe is Up and Running! –

About 4 years ago, Shreyas and I started out with a little experiment that eventually became (cutting a long story short) RadioVeRVe. Today I proudly announce the latest version of the site which we have been working on frankly for too long! Its time to let this one out of the bag and add to it everything we want it to become! And it is meant to become something special!

The past year has been very slow for RadioVeRVe and a lot of “real life” and “career” caught up with it and I haven’t given it enough time or nurtured it as much as I could have and should have. But it was a project too close to my heart to just let slip away!

What you see on RadioVeRVe today is the start of something that we have planned and as the weeks pass, you will see a LOT more stuff being released and announced there. So keep your eyes on the site and more importantly, your ears glued to it!

This site would not have been possible without the help of a LOT of our friends who put their time and money behind it, just because they liked the idea, or even at times, just felt bad for us! I would like to thank all of them for the help – Especially Jonathan, Praveen, Shilpa and Arjun. You guys made this happen! Thanks 🙂