The craziest time of my life!

The past few weeks and the next few to come have officially been the craziest times of my life! I have learnt so much its not even funny and everything just happened at the same time.

After the North East trip, I have come out a much stronger person and I must say my resolve to do something on my own has strengthened and I am determined to do something about it.

I am in Bombay this week, talking at the ‘Palm Expo’ and also as part of the Onstage Foundation! More about that later .. and there is a LOT more to come about that 🙂

Next week I travel to London for the finals of the International Young Music Entrepreneur award and that will be a whole new experience.

I am just making a note of things I should write about in detail and I will!

For now wish me luck .. on all fronts 🙂