The Masai Marathon!

I heard this on the way to work today when going through my weekly dose of the NPR podcasts. It fascinated me no end and I just had to share this ..

6 Masai warriors from the remotest jungles of Africa have come to London to take part in the London Marathon to raise money for their village so that they can have a permanent drinking water solution. As I write this, the marathon is actually over and the Masai warriors did complete the marathon and everything went as planned. I’ll even bet they managed to raise the money they required!

What I wanted to concentrate on was the culture shock that these guys faced when they landed in England. Right from the clothing to the food to the temperature to EVERYTHING would have been such a culture shock!

The journal maintained by one of the warriors as listed here is a very nice fun read and also the guide to living in the UK, exceprts of which are posted here written for the Masai warriors by the people taking care of them is abosolutely hilarious!

It just goes to strenthen the belief I have that there is SO much to see in this world and its so easy to just go through life missing all the good stuff! Need to change that! 🙂