The TFA Awards and Allegro Fudge

The TFA Awards were announced earlier tonight at the Alliance Francaise, Bangalore and my band, ‘Allegro Fudge‘ though din’t win the prize, won a special commendation from the judges. For a band that has just been together as long as we have, this is a real validation of the work we have put in and a nice pat on the back!

The TFA music awards this year received about 44 entries this year and 6 bands which included Another Vertigo Rush (the eventual winners), Kastadyne, us and 3 other bands were shortlisted by the judges for commendation.

Another Vertigo Rush went on to win the award which was a choice of either 50k in cash or a record deal with Counter Culture Records and equipment worth 15k from Onstage Music. I seriously hope they choose the record deal! The cash will come with time, for now its very important that they stick to the music and put it out right.

Coming to the awards themselves, this was one of the most wonderfully organized awards I have seen in a while! the setting was beautiful, the program short and crisp and it was all about the arts and the awards. There weren’t too many unnecessary speeches and infact when I had to go up and read out a message on behalf of Counter Culture Records, I was only the 2nd person on stage talking who was not an award winner!

A fitting tribute to a brilliant young man, Angirus ‘Toto’ Vellani, who is now a legend in the Indian Indie Rock circles. The awards are one of the few around that are actually about the arts and not about some brand or some publicity stunt. These people genuinely care and a lot of good is to come from TFA. That much is for sure!

Thanks Anmol and Sarita Vellani for putting this together every year! I have been attending the awards for the past 4 years now, right from the days in Crossword and this was by far the best! yet!