The Wedding Photographer

In the Mangalorean Christian community, there are a few months in the year regarded as the “wedding season” and from the looks of it, December and January are certainly part of that season.

I’ve been attending quite a few of my friends’ weddings and since last year, I started going there with my camera! It gave me something to do when I was not eating / drinking / dancing :P. Some of the photos I took at the wedding were actually quite nice and people seemed to like them a LOT! What made them different was probably the fact that while the “Official” photographer was looking at the wedding as an event that needs to be documented, I was looking at it as, so many people, so many emotions, lets capture the fun and excitement!

In the first week of January, I have been appointed unofficial photographer at a couple of weddings and I have been reading up online on tips and tricks to get good at it. What I wanted from you chaps is if you have any particular advice or things I should read up for this. I do not have any fancy equipment, I am just running on instinct and hoping for the best!