This is it!

One of the best bands in India right now, Thermal and a Quarter have finally released the follow up to Plan B. Their 4th album, ‘This is it’ is finally ready for release and it has the one TAAQ song that will never leave my head! among other brilliant songs.

The song ‘How can I get your groove?’ is a song that Bruce wrote for his lovely wife Bindu and it is probably the catchiest and funnest song they have written yet! Also songs like Holy Jose, Take me to your Dealer and the title track ‘This is it’ make it an album I cannot wait to get my hands on ..

Continuing from my last post about bands in India that have created a sound for themselves, the first band that comes to mind when you say that in India is TAAQ. One can recognize a TAAQ song from a mile and even ‘Thermalized’ versions of popular songs have become something fans look forward to at every gig!

They are yet to explain the lovely cover that they have on their new album and though each of us can think of a million connotations for the cover, we are dying to hear their story! but all said and done, it will make waves!

So now as I hunt frantically for my copy of the album, please do take a look at TAAQ and the lovely music they make and I’m sure if you have never heard TAAQ before, this album will change your mind! and then you should proceed to buy their other 3 albums.

My favourite TAAQ albums in order

1. This is it – just because I can finally get to listen to ‘How can I get your groove’.
2. Jupiter Cafe – Path breaking in the Indian music scene. The entire album is filled with songs that I absolutely will love!
3. Thermal and a Quarter – After all these years, the opening riff to Sunset Man and the song itself remain an all time favourite among quite a few of my friends! Infact, during the days we got our first computers and we were running around trading mp3s among friends, this was the only Indian album we would share!!
4. Plan B – This has the widest variety of TAAQ songs in one album. I believe ‘The Steal’ is one of the best songs an Indian band has ever written.