Valentine’s Day

This is from a year back, I was interviewed for a Valentine’s Day special about things we love … and I had to speak about my beloved guitars! This is my part of the article

“Agrees guitarist Gaurav Vaz, who recently spent upwards of a lakh on a new Warwick Streamer guitar. “It’s like getting a friend for life. And the personality does affect your music. Because of the way it sounds, and because when you are familiar with a guitar and are comfortable with the string positions and distances and so on, it’s easier to improvise because instinctively you know where what goes and what sounds you’ll get.” Of course, that process of getting accustomed isn’t complete until one formally names one’s cherished objects. Gaurav’s latest guitar, for instance, is called Deborah , after the woman from the U.S. who paid for his guitar with her credit card and shipped it down to him even though she had only met him for three days.

And his first guitar is called Gretchen, which means “little black pearl” in German. The only other necessary thing for most of these men is the wife or girlfriend that understands that she has to share his love with other things in his life or even take a backseat occasionally.”

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This a picture of the beauty on duty!

Please note the lovely guitar strap made by the most beautiful of all my beauties 😉 the lovely Shilpa Sequeira !!