We launched and we partied!

The last week has been crazy! and I mean … seriously crazy!!

The band launched its album and the press went crazy and everything was moving in fast forward motion like there was no tomorrow .. Things have settled down a bit but not for long .. the album hits music stores across the country this weekend and from then on .. all hell breaks loose! A few people who did go online and order the album have been raving about it and have only good things to say so we are quite expectant for the mass verdict!

But this is about a little group of friends who traveled from far and wide and came to witness the launch of the album. At the very last minute, I called a bunch of close friends and invited them for the launch and quite a few of them turned up and the rest of them were present in spirit which made the launch one of the most memorable days in my life!

Its not everyday that one gets to launch a music album worldwide and be featured on national TV etc .. and when that day and that moment comes, you want everyone you love to be there … well as many as can possibly make it atleast …

A bunch of my friends could and did! and after the brilliant launch, we went to this wonderful place in Bandra called ‘The Hawaiian Shack’ and partied till they allowed us to! It was the most fun I have had in a long time and is something which won’t go out of my mind any time soon ..

Thanks all you guys!! you made it special for me!

Do read Shilpa’s take on the launch and the party on her brand new blog which is a super read!! (oh well … so I am shamelessly promoting … so what?!?)