What a weekend!

Team Foss.in was back again and hopefully this time things will fall into place much smoother and much better (though a lot of people don’t believe we can do any better ;)). Its always good to get an early start and analyze what happened the previous time. We did that and some important decisions were taken which will unfurl in good time … but be prepared to see early action on that front!

Sunday was spent at the Cauvery Fishing Camp in Bheemeshwari with Shilpa, Sheila and their dad. It was a fun drive to a nice place! In the morning, we had the place almost exclusively to ourselves and we had the best time lazing around on hammocks and just chit chatting by the river.

We then took a trek to the top of a hill where there was a watch tower installed and that is when I realized among other things that I am completely unfit! I used to play full football matches and swim 5-10 kilometers during practice and now I can’t go on a trek up a hill without it taking the life out of me! Its high time I did something about that and I guess I don’t have any more excuses now to get back into shape and start exercising 🙁

The trip itself was fun and the drive was very pleasant … the company was brilliant as usual so it just made things better!

We then landed up at Umang’s house where we played ‘Teen Patta’, a variation of Poker which I had not heard of at all before this! I sucked at the game at first, but magically after eating the yummy food that was prepared, my luck changed and how … I made back all the money put into the pot and some more! and had the most chips at the end of the game!

But the dreaded Monday is here and I have a herculean effort to pull off if I have any hope of having my schedule ease up later! … so wish me luck.