When the Internet meets “Real Life”

The mysterious “Internet” at the end of the day is real people and that realization has not happened with a LOT of people I speak to. For them, the Internet is still this thing that is part make believe, like the “Movies”. I agree that this is true in part, but for a large part, and depending on how and for what you use the Internet, it can be a real place with real people!

On my recent trip to Japan, I had a moment where I got to see first hand something I know *ONLY* as an Internet phenomenon. The “Free Hugs Campaign” was something I had seen many times on Youtube, it was where I was introduced to the ‘Sick Puppies‘ and some amazing moments captured on video!

So imagine my surprise when walking down Harajuku to find this guy and lady standing with hand painted banners that read ‘FREE HUGS’. I know, looking back at it now, its quite trivial and there have been many such campaigns etc. But for me that was quite a special moment were I was part of something that I had known only to exist on the Internet.

The pictures are of me and my friend Vijay receiving (giving?) free hugs!

So where has the Internet met your real life?