You don’t work!

I just got into the Bangalore airport and was subject to “random checking”. The security at the airport has increased considerably! there are actual guards with actual guns and its a sure sign of precautions being taken because of the recent attacks!

So coming back to the story, the guard who stopped me, took my ticket and started asking my name and my age and where I am from and all that and then said what are you going to Bombay for? to which I replied, “I’m going on work!” and he looks at me and says to me, “No chance! you don’t work .. there is no way you work!”

After much debate, I told him, its true, I am a musician and that probably explains my long hair and “non work” attire! That satisfied his curiosity and as he let me go ahead after thoroughly going through the contents of my bag he said .. “The minute I saw you only I knew, you must be a musician or something, there is no way you do ‘work'”!

Little do they know! 😛